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Integrating work order management with workforce scheduling.

VolkerHighways is a highways service provider based in the UK. The business offers a range of services across multiple contracts, including highway maintenance, street lighting, electrical services, road surfacing, traffic management and public realm infrastructure.

With over 2000 employees, VolkerHighways is one of the UK’s top ten largest civil engineering organisations.

VolkerHighways needed an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system that allowed them to carry out:

  • Work scheduling and permitting
  • Uplifting, ensuring profit margins are maintained
  • Traffic Management Act integration
  • Interface design

VolkerHighways had very complex requirements that demanded a comprehensive functionality from their selected EAM system, which only Maximo® could deliver. They also wanted to integrate work order management with workforce scheduling and job control. Peacock Engineering was brought in to deploy IBM Maximo® version 7.5 to make this happen.

Ensuring compliance and increasing mobile work efficiency

In 2016, VolkerHighways wanted to replace the legacy mobile application developed on the Syclo platform.

They wanted to change this for a solution that was suited to modern devices and operating systems. Peacock Engineering’s mobile solution for Maximo, Fingertip, was the most suitable solution.

Peacock Engineering installed Fingertip for VolkerHighways. This application is an add-on to their existing IBM Maximo® system, and has allowed them to:

  • Extend their Maximo® installation into the field
  • Ensure compliance during vehicle inspections
  • Issue work orders in the field
  • Keep data current through real-time link to Maximo
  • Make inventory changes or order stock during visits
  • Improve performance and reporting capabilities

These benefits allow VolkerHighways’ engineers to work effectively, whilst often travelling up and down the country for their work, whether they have internet access or not.

Ensuring a smooth transition between systems

Peacock Engineering implemented the IBM MobileFirst product, Fingertip for Maximo, to be used by 200 VolkerHighways mobile work gangs.

The upgrade process was unique, allowing a staged transition from the legacy system to the new Fingertip solution. This method was preferable to moving all gangs across platforms simultaneously, as it:

  • Eased VolkerHighways’ transition
  • De-risked the system upgrade
  • Gave staff the time to adjust to changes

The upgrades have allowed VolkerHighways’ IT team to provide optimised solutions for the business. This has provided benefits to all aspects of the business, including on a technical, operational and commercial footing.

Increasing flexibility and efficiency

The installation of Fingertip has allowed VolkerHighways to:

  • Increase efficiency in all aspects of their work
  • Complete work orders with greater flexibility
  • Update data gathered remotely into Maximo, once back online
  • Better produce essential reports for compliance
  • Provide accurate data for client billing purposes

VolkerHighways can now effectively work remotely in the field, and ensure compliance in vehicle inspections.

What our clients say:

“Peacock Engineering offered VolkerHighways a complete solution.”

Estimating Director, VolkerHighways

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