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Knowledge where it’s needed – extend your EAM into the field.


Knowledge where it’s needed – extend your asset management into the field.

Fingertip extends your Maximo® installation into the field
– any site, any location, any asset.

  • Issue work orders in the field
  • Real-time link with IBM Maximo® ensures your data is always current
  • Enforce your processes at any location with Mobile Forms
  • Captures hard signature or e-sig for all work, for full audit trail
  • Enable calibration without returning to base
  • Make inventory changes or order stock during site visits
  • Works offline for use in ATEX environments
  • Automatically updates Maximo® as soon as you are back online
  • Captures images and GPS positions for better asset status data

See the latest Fingertip features & full release history here.

Watch our video on Fingertip mobile solution for Maximo® here:
Peacock Engineering Maximo<sup>®</sup> Fingertip

How can Fingertip benefit your business?

Fingertip brings significant benefits in:

  • Asset performance
  • Process compliance
  • Staff productivity

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Watch the Fingertip Inventory Module video here

What are Fingertip's functions?

Fingertip functions from Peacock Engineering
Core Framework

Includes significant Maximo® additions for management of users, devices and mobile form design, plus the main MobileFirst adapter technology.
  • Data Management
    Be more organised and productive to reduce data loss, make accurate decisions and keep information secure.
  • Synchronisation
    Triggers an upload of stored transactions on the device and downloads any new or updated records from Maximo®.
  • Security
    Fingertip meets rigorous data security standards, provides full data security on the device and during data transmissions through its encryption protocol.
  • Service Request Creation
    Create and view Service Requests from Fingertip for Maximo® on your mobile device.
Work Execution

SSR, Mobile Forms, Online Mapping and Work Order management.
  • My Assigned Work
    View and manage all of the work activities assigned to the mobile user.
  • Field Work Order Creation
    Complete and create a Work Order from the device with the ability to add attachments such as photographs and signatures.
  • My Reported Work
    Users can view Work Orders that they have reported, log notes and attachments.
  • Asset & Location History
    Manage previous work activities and view a Work Order’s history for a selected Asset and Location.
Work Supervision

  • Work Dispatcher
    Users can view the work backlog and assign work to other mobile users.
  • View pool of work
    Technicians can directly review open Work Orders and can self-assign them.
  • Works at Work Order level
    Follows the same approach to work scheduling and dispatch as the Work Activities module.
  • Staff and contractors
    Ability to assign relevant work to users to improve efficiency.
Inventory Management

Inventory and stores management, cycle counts, balance adjustments, returns and transfers.
  • Issues & Returns
    Allows users to select a storeroom and issue/return one or more items from that storeroom to a Work Order.
  • Transfers
    Movement of items to/from another storeroom into the currently selected storeroom.
  • Counts & Adjustments
    Supports the physical counting of stock quantities and allows users to make immediate adjustments to stock item quantities.
  • Manage store rooms
    Inventory data is transferred back to Maximo® for reconciliation.

Watch the video here

HSQE Management

Does not require Maximo® HSQE manager.
  • Accident & Incident Reporting
    Engineers can report incidents and accidents supported by attachments of photos, collection of incident reports and witness information.
  • Safety Observations
    Users can register safety observations and near misses.
  • Risk Assessments
    An extension to the work execution process and the use of mobile forms to support the completion of a risk assessment before work can start.
  • Vehicle Inspections
    Functionality can be enabled to prevent travel and work proceeding until a vehicle inspection has been created.
Supply Chain Management

Support key supply chain processes.
  • Purchase Order Receiving
    Select approved purchase orders from Maximo® and to record both Material and Service receipts.
  • Create Field Purchase Requisition
    Supports the creation if a purchase requisition in either an online or offline mode.
  • My Purchase Orders
    View purchase orders that have been created from the purchased requisitions created by the mobile user.
Calibration add-on

Fingertip’s Calibration add-on is part our Life Sciences solution.
  • Undertake calibration activities at the equipment location – no need to return to base
  • All calibration stages and results are fully recorded
  • Automatically syncs with Maximo
  • Supports Analog and Discrete calibration points
  • Can work offline – ideal for hazardous or volatile environments
Fingertip Spatial

  • View work orders and assets on a map
  • Sort work orders by distance from current location
  • Update asset locations by dropping a pin
  • Multimap servers: Bing, Google, Open Street Map & ESRI
Available Work add-on

Allows users to directly review open Work Orders from a pool of available work, and self-assign.

This supports organisations who are self-service and take work through the day.

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Engineer on Fingertip

What our clients say:

“Our Fingertip solution has also been upgraded to the latest version. We now have access to Service Requests and Work Centers, helping us organise our team more effectively. The enhanced user design makes it easier for us to complete work using mobile forms for better data quality.”
Darron Kearns, Maintenance & Facilities Manager, Top Fashion Brand

“Peacock Engineering offered the best solution for us on several levels: simplicity of design, ease of use a single point of support for all systems. Fingertip ATEX gives us an easy to use mobile system that is entirely paperless and integrates directly to our central asset management and maintenance systems.”
Maintenance Planner, Dragon LNG

Fingertip brochure

Download the Fingertip for Maximo® brochure

You can find much more detail on all Fingertip’s functionality in our brochure.
Download the Fingertip Brochure

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