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IFS EAM & IBM Maximo for Manufacturing

Improve the productivity and uptime of your assets

Maximo<sup>®</sup> for Manufacturing

Peacock Engineering can help you improve your asset performance, and enforce your procedures at every site – no matter how diverse they are, with EAM solutions including IFS EAM and IBM Maximo for manufacturing industry

Maximo<sup>®</sup> for Manufacturing Industry Peacock Engineering

Making use of Industry 4.0 Technologies

Your manufacturing business needs to harness the power of automation and data exchange in key technologies and processes. Maximo® and IFS EAM have long-established, class-leading capabilities to support these processes. Examples include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) integration toolsets
  • Cloud computing for rapid deployment and development cycles
  • Strong integration framework
  • Cognitive computing integration – AI

Use of technology and IoT sensors makes predictive maintenance possible for your business. This provides significant efficiency, asset uptime and safety advantages to your company.​

EAM solutions remove much of the scope for human error in asset management by replacing paper-based or spreadsheet systems with a central platform. IFS EAM & Maximo® for manufacturing industry optimises maintenance planning and asset allocation.

Peacock Engineering’s experts have extensive experience harnessing the power of Industry 4.0 technologies in manufacturing businesses. We will then be on-hand, after the installation period, whenever you need us.

Increase efficiency

Peacock Engineering recognises different levels of solution complexity, and a wide variation in internal capability. We can help your business to increase its efficiency, with support processes, systems and measures that allow for a tailored ‘fit’.

An EAM solution will enable you to:

  • Increase asset uptime
  • Improve the first-time fix rate
  • Reduce repair times & operating expenses
  • Keep all assets maintained in the best condition
  • Optimise production to meet demand
  • Ensure assets & stock are where you need them to be
  • Guarantee a digital audit trail for all work

Learn more about the benefits of Maximo® here.

Learn more about the benefits of IFS EAM here.

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Maximo<sup>®</sup> for Manufacturing Peacock
Maxim for Manufacturing industry

Work effectively from remote locations

Peacock Engineering’s Fingertip mobile EAM solution extends Maximo® into the field, and enables Maximo® for manufacturing to be updated directly at point-of-work, in real time.

Fingertip can:

  • Issue work orders at the point of work
  • Inventory Module enables you to keep track of stock and spares
  • Enforce your processes at the point of work with Fingertip’s Mobile Forms, using complex conditional logic to guide your engineers through every stage
  • Capture e-sig or hard signature for every process
  • Significantly reduce paper-based processes and duplication of work
  • Ensure all Maximo® users have real-time data from all your locations

You can only get these remote working benefits by choosing Peacock Engineering as your IBM Maximo® supplier.

Our Fingertip app provides you with unrivalled business benefits, and our experts will configure it in the best possible way to match your needs.

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Managed Cloud service - more information

Benefits of Managed Cloud service for your organisation

  • Focus your resources on improving system use and data quality while we use our expertise to manage your system.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by using Peacock’s expertise to manage infrastructure and system support.
  • More cost effective licence model than the traditional on premise Maximo® licencing.
  • Flexible product offering which provides support and environment provision options.
  • Guaranteed IT security – All environments provisioned using ISO 27001 certified infrastructure and procedures.

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Service Support - more information

Peacock Engineering’s support includes Maximo, mobility, scheduling, integration, configuration, development.

Peacock Engineering recognises:

  • Different levels of solution complexity
  • A wide variation in internal capability
  • Impact of non-availability which can vary substantially
  • Support processes, systems and measures allow for a tailored ‘fit’

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Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8) - find out more

MAS 8 includes a host of great new features including:

  • Cloud-ready and cloud agnostic
  • Remote monitoring of assets using IoT technology
  • Condition-based predictive maintenance
  • Wide range of add-on packages to suit your business needs

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