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Defence & Defence Support

Improve operational readiness and get the most from budgets with IBM Maximo Application Suite

Maximo for Defence

IBM Maximo® and Fingertip mobile EAM help you to improve performance for all equipment and asset types, and maintain digital records for assets in any location.

Defence organisations have a huge number of assets and different equipment types. These range from complex machinery, to buildings and accommodation services for personnel. Assets may be deployed at locations all around the world, with all the environmental challenges that brings. They must be kept in a state of operational readiness, with careful planning of downtime, to minimise any effect on operations.

IBM Maximo® is the ideal tool for managing varied assets at scale, with the maturity and solution experience to manage all your assets in a completely secure environment. Maximo is already used in many Defence and Defence Support settings.

Peacock Engineering have implemented Maximo for defence organisations, and we are experienced with UK MoD accreditation requirements. We can supply directly, or partner with you as part of a supply chain.

Governments already recognise the role that EAM can play in enabling greater operational effectiveness, from any given budget level. The DEEAMS project in the UK will address a range of activity within Defence Support, including Maintenance, Engineering Planning, Obsolescence, Technical Information, and Safety Management. These activities are serviced by more than 100,000 users across the Defence Support Network comprising MoD, Civil Servants, & Industry partners.

Maximo for Defence Peacock Engineering army
Maximo for Defence Peacock Engineering Navy

Monitoring your assets with MAS

Apps in Maximo Application Suite apply advanced AI and machine learning to your asset data, which starts the process of building the data bank required for Predictive Maintenance:

  • Maximo Monitor enables condition monitoring using remote sensors – which are increasingly being built in to vehicles and other military equipment.
  • Maximo Visual Inspection enables easy remote monitoring of fixed assets, to visually check asset condition against your models.
  • Maximo Health enables Automatic Anomaly Detection, to compare current and historical data, so you can spot developing issues earlier.
  • Maximo Predict helps you plan your maintenance more effectively, to avoid equipment failure and minimise outages.

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Looking after your assets in the field

Peacock Engineering’s Fingertip mobile app is the most fully-featured and field-tested mobile implementation for Maximo. Fingertip can operate either with a live connection to Maximo, or completely independently – syncing only when a live connection is re-established. This is ideal for Defence environments, where the ability to operate in non-network locations can be essential.

Fingertip enables you to:

  • Works offline in forward or hazardous environments
  • Issue work orders in the field
  • Enforce your processes at any location with Mobile Forms
  • Captures full audit trail for all work
  • Make inventory changes or order stock while on site
  • Captures images and GPS positions for better asset status data
  • Deploy to all major mobile devices types (including ATEX) and operating systems

Fingertip provides you with unrivalled mobile asset management benefits, and our experts have hundreds of combined years of experience configuring it to match your exact needs.

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Maximo for Defence Peacock Engineering Navy Warship
Peacock Engineering Defence Support

Barracks & Buildings

Keeping your buildings and estate in good condition is an essential part of Defence Support, and helps to maintain high levels of morale and operational readiness. Maximo can help your estates budget work harder – using the monitoring and data analysis features of MAS can help you to schedule maintenance more efficiently, so that fewer maintenance visits are made, but issues are spotted and fixed sooner.

And Planning & Scheduling Optimisation (PSO) means that your maintenance teams can work more effectively, for example by automatically sending the most suitable personnel to attend an issue.

  • Remote monitoring can reduce regular site inspections
  • PSO means your maintenance teams work more effectively
  • All maintenance work is logged digitally, so teams have immediate access to previous work details
  • Digital audit trail means costs can be analysed & allocated precisely

Keeping your data secure

Data Security is absolutely critical for defence organisations. We have over 10 years’ experience running Maximo via cloud, including for defence projects, using the most secure and robust servers. Our staff have the appropriate security clearances, and our data security processes are ISO27001 certified.

  • ISO27001 certified
  • Highest available bandwidth
  • Physical and geographical redundancy
  • Resilient DR and backup systems
  • Constant vulnerability monitoring

For more information please contact our Defence team at

Images from UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023. Images available under the Open Government License.

Maximo for Defence Peacock Engineering RAF
Managed Cloud service - more information

Benefits of Managed Cloud service for your organisation

  • Focus your resources on improving system use and data quality while we use our expertise to manage your system.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by using Peacock’s expertise to manage infrastructure and system support.
  • More cost effective licence model than the traditional on premise Maximo® licencing.
  • Flexible product offering which provides support and environment provision options.
  • Guaranteed IT security – All environments provisioned using ISO 27001 certified infrastructure and procedures.

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Service Support - more information

Peacock Engineering’s support includes Maximo, mobility, scheduling, integration, configuration, development.

Peacock Engineering recognises:

  • Different levels of solution complexity
  • A wide variation in internal capability
  • Impact of non-availability which can vary substantially
  • Support processes, systems and measures allow for a tailored ‘fit’

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Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8) - find out more

MAS 8 includes a host of great new features including:

  • Cloud-ready and cloud agnostic
  • Remote monitoring of assets using IoT technology
  • Condition-based predictive maintenance
  • Wide range of add-on packages to suit your business needs

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