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Improving procurement functionality for the business.

Nippon Gohsei UK is a chemical manufacturer. Their facility at Kingston upon Hull produces environmentally friendly ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH). This is used extensively as a gas barrier in multi-layered plastics packaging, such as bottles and containers.

The organisation’s procurement team, engineering team and IT team had been using the IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management system, version 7.1, for purchasing, maintenance and system support.

Nippon Gohsei wanted to upgrade to the latest IBM Maximo® version, 7.6. They needed this to happen during a rapid implementation period, with minimal disruption to daily operations.

They also required a new Maximo® version that provided them with:

  • Improved procurement functionality
  • Increased visibility of company expenditure
  • More control of their user licences
  • The ability to manage licences within Maximo

Peacock Engineering was selected to help them achieve this, due to our reputation for providing industry-leading configurable systems.

Helping Nippon Gohsei gain familiarity with the system

Peacock Engineering installed Maximo® version 7.6 for Nippon Gohsei. A rapid implementation was achieved through a Discovery Phase and User Familiarisation Phase.

Peacock Engineering Maximo<sup>®</sup> for DHL
Maximo<sup>®</sup> for DHL

The two-phase approach made sure that all Nippon Gohsei staff were fully familiar with the new Maximo® features. All staff were trained to:

  • Properly navigate the system
  • Use the procurement features
  • Carry out service requests
  • Make purchase requisitions & orders

Peacock Engineering assisted with the change management, supporting Nippon Gohsei staff as necessary.

The upgrade also meant integrating to a number of systems, including financial systems that were hosted in Germany. Peacock Engineering ensured that this was carried out smoothly.

Rapidly implementing Maximo® 7.6 throughout the business

The rapid implementation was fully complete within five weeks, and the technical upgrade within one week. The actual Go Live from version 7.1 to 7.6 took place in one afternoon.

The new version provides further benefits to Nippon Gohsei, including:

  • Admins can view Maximo® module allocation by usage
  • The business is warned of compliance infringement
  • Maximo® users increased from 89 to 160

Nippon Gohsei staff are now fully trained in how to leverage these benefits.

A successful implementation of Maximo® 7.6

The rapid implementation minimised the disruption to Nippon Gohsei. The new system’s business intelligence features have improved the analysis with ad hoc reporting and key performance indicators.

Nippon Gohsei appreciated the smooth and controlled upgrade process, as well as the professional execution and delivery.

What the client said:

“The smoothest Maximo® upgrade I’ve seen. Thanks for all your hard work!”

Phil Hardcastle, IT Manager, Nippon Gohsei

Maximo<sup>®</sup> for DHL