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Managed Cloud

Scalability, flexibility and reliability from Managed Cloud for IBM Maximo®

With the huge array of IT options and systems now available, and an ever-changing IT landscape, many organisations are finding that it suits them better to run major software systems using a Managed Cloud or ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model.

This is especially so when you are looking at integrating a major new system, such as IBM Maximo®. All of the information coming in to your Maximo® system can be transferred via the internet. So it makes perfect sense to continue the ‘hub and spoke’ model to the hosting of Maximo®. Your Maximo® installation can be hosted totally in the Cloud, and your users log in to it remotely, from anywhere.

The benefits to you of using our Managed Cloud Service for IBM Maximo® are:

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Allows you to focus on day-to-day operations

Peacock Engineering is an experienced IBM Platinum Partner, and we have been providing Managed Cloud Services for over a decade.

Learn more about the benefits of IBM Maximo® here.

Watch our video on our Managed Cloud Service here:

Our dedicated specialists focus on tailoring a Managed Cloud for IBM Maximo® offering to suit your needs, while continually providing new innovations to enhance the service.

As well as being your secure and reliable hosting partner, Peacock Engineering’s cloud customers can use our innovations such as:

  • License management tools
  • Automated deployments and testing
  • Short term Sandbox provision

These are all delivered as part of the service to truly help clients transform. We work as an extension of your internal teams, and bring our relationships with partners such as IBM to the table.

Our 24/7 Helpdesk are proactive in their approach to Customer Service – most of our team members have industry experience. This helps them to identify root-causal factors, and ensure your system runs smoothly.


A reliable system is essential – which is why our primary hosting provider is Rackspace. Their leading international standard certifications combined with our high availability options and load balancing minimises any disruption by routing traffic to an alternative service source.

We can also offer clustered server architectures for improved scalability.

Regular backups and disaster recovery mirroring to replicated environments in separate geographical locations, guarantees clients the reliability they need for compliance.

Our Managed Cloud carries full 24/7/365 incident support for any issue which may cause any kind of unplanned outage or unscheduled business disturbance.


Data security and information control are essential components of our Managed Cloud Services. All information is access-controlled and distribution-managed. Our data centres feature:

  • ISO27001 certified
  • Highest available bandwidth
  • Physical and geographical redundancy
  • Resilient DR and backup systems
  • Vulnerability monitoring

We also ensure that your data is GDPR compliant and any personal data with a GDPR impact is anonymised for development purposes and restricted where required.


Managed Cloud delivery can flex to meet your changing business needs. Our Foundation, Advanced and Custom packages provide competitive pricing for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Customised options for clients to consider include:

  • Control over patching and updating of server and OS platforms
  • Specific regulatory compliance needs
  • Log-in and sign-on options (including SSO)
  • A range of security access measures (such as 2FA)
  • Hosting options within the public or private cloud
  • Connections required to client data-centres for external system integrations
  • Dedicated hosting platform requirements


Scalability is always available in our Managed Cloud Service and any growth in client business, user numbers, complexity or customization can always be scaled up appropriately as and where required.

We offer tier-based pricing based on:

  • Complexity
  • Size of data and records
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Peak time load and maximum user capacity.

You can change any of these factors, and the service can expand to meet your new requirements, while still providing optimal user performance and system responsiveness.

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