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IBM Maximo® Application Suite uses AI and machine learning to deliver better asset performance, reliability and profitability

MAS 8 uses AI to improve reliability

MAS 8 adds AI and machine learning capabilities to a range of new apps

Maximo® Application Suite includes new apps to extend and improve the core Maximo® EAM solution. MAS 8 apps are:

  • Maximo® Manage – the core EAM application, now with an improved, intuitive interface
  • Maximo® Monitor – detect anomalies using remote sensor data
  • Maximo® Health – combine sensor data with historical data to provide a 360° view of assets
  • Maximo® Predict – uses sensor and historical data to predict failures and enable predictive maintenance
  • Maximo® Visual Inspection – analyses visual data to highlight anomalies
  • Maximo® Assist – enables users to get automated or live assistance from any location
  • Digital Twin – provides off-the-shelf digital models of assets, which other MAS 8 apps can compare performance against

Watch the MAS 8 overview video here:

Watch the Maximo® Monitor video here:

MAS 8 adapts to your requirements

Maximo® Application Suite integrates with a range of management tools, to enable you to get the best fit for your organisation. These include:

  • Maximo® Scheduler – enabling you to plan and schedule work with maximum efficiency, automatically or manually
  • Maximo® Safety – integrate health, safety and incident reporting with asset management
  • Maximo® ERP Adapter – connect MAS 8 to your existing SAP or Oracle system, for a total integrated solution
  • Maximo® Linear Asset Manager – manage linear assets, including tracking materials, labour, work orders and other charges
  • Maximo® Spatial Asset Management – view complex GIS and geographical information relating to your assets, and see your assets in a geospatial context
  • Maximo® Service Provider – manage customer agreements, service delivery, supplier contracts and customer billing
  • Maximo® Asset Configuration Manager – real-time calculation of asset configuration, and the life of all components in the asset
  • Maximo® Calibration – calibrate instruments and tools with full digital audit trail
  • Maximo® Work Centers – configure optimised Work Center screens, with different capabilities, for different roles in your organisation

MAS8 is built for cloud deployment

Maximo® Application Suite utilises Red Hat OpenShift’s run-anywhere module, so you can deploy it on any cloud, public or private. Use your organisation’s private cloud, or major third-party providers including Azure and AWS.

Peacock Engineering are highly experienced in cloud service, and have been providing Maximo® via cloud for over ten years. Our implementations can include:

  • Security – we are ISO27001 accredited
  • Disaster Recovery – failover and redundancy provision
  • Third-party integrations
  • Supporting complex systems – with high levels of integration
  • Ensuring 24/7/365 system reliability
  • Meeting our SLAs – we provide you with great support – 95% of Managed Cloud support tickets are resolved within 2 hours
  • Multiple deployments – we can manage many deployments and workstreams concurrently

Peacock Engineering also have a range of specially developed tools, which you can leverage to optimise your MAS 8 cloud installation:

  • License management tools
  • Automated testing
  • Flexible Sandbox provision

Maximo® Application Suite utilises new cloud technologies like elastic cloud, rapid deployments and flexible environment provision. Containerisation and Kubernates / Openshift can streamline your environment architecture – only pay for sandboxes and testing environments when you need them, and get much more agility to expand and contract users and services, to deliver more services, faster.

Read more about RedHat’s Openshift here (opens in a new tab).

MAS 8 - Maximo<sup>®</sup> Application Suite

MAS 8 – new AppPoints licensing model brings greater flexibility

Maximo® Application Suite introduces a new licensing model, called AppPoints. Application usage, runtime, and user access are all managed with AppPoints.

  • 3 levels of licence available – Limited, Base & Premium
  • Each MAS8 app has an AppPoints requirement
  • You can flex your app usage, and your number of concurrent users, up and down as required
  • You gain flexibility to try out new apps at low cost

As an IBM Platinum Partner and Embedded Solutions Provider, Peacock Engineering can advise you on the most cost-effective AppPoints solution for your needs.

Read more about MAS8 AppPoints here (opens in a new tab).

Watch the Maximo® Health & Predict video here:

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