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Peacock Maximo® SaaS

• simple per-user, per-month pricing
• first-call support
• evergreen updates
• flexibility on OpEx or CapEx options

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Peacock Maximo® SaaS: we do the tech heavy lifting, so you can get on with transforming your business.

We know that many organisations can see the benefits of having an EAM solution, but are put off by the technical complexity, and are concerned about the cost.

So we have developed our Peacock Maximo® SaaS package – we take care of all the technical aspects, including configuration and upgrades, and you only pay a standard contract fee, based on straightforward per-user, per-month pricing. Your team can focus on using Maximo® to transform your business, and you know in advance exactly what the costs are going to be.

Peacock Maximo® SaaS includes two environments, ‘Production’ and ‘Non-Live’, so you can add new features or test processes without affecting your live EAM system at all. You can also add extra environments if required.

And Peacock Maximo® SaaS is a fully supported and secure implementation of the core Maximo® program, Maximo® Manage, and enables you to leverage the other apps that are part of Maximo® Application Suite (MAS), such as Monitor, Health and Visual Inspection, which can be added if you need them, using our Managed Cloud service. Additional MAS apps are priced separately from Peacock Maximo® SaaS.

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Benefits of Peacock Maximo® SaaS

  • Simple, transparent, per-user per-month pricing
  • Evergreen updates – all upgrades, updates and patches for Maximo® and supporting technologies are included and implemented when required, with any outages scheduled and agreed with you
  • First-call support – our support team ensure that you will speak to a qualified Maximo® consultant on your first call
  • Flexibility on OpEx or CapEx options
  • You don’t need to keep Maximo® human resources in-house, or on-roster, as we look after all the tech aspects
  • Full customer support coverage for your Peacock Maximo® SaaS solution (live Production environment), and access to a full Maximo® support helpdesk
  • Expandable with other MAS apps, or a range of extensions and enhancements for Maximo® from Peacock Engineering, if required
  • 2 environments, Production and Non-Live, enable you to test new features or processes without impacting your live EAM
  • Monthly assessments of licensed users allows you to flex user numbers up or down, avoid unexpected licence charges, and rent temporary licences for events such as shutdowns

Is Peacock Maximo® SaaS right for me?

We’ve designed it to have the same functionality as a standard ‘out of the box’ Maximo® Manage installation. This is ideal for most medium-sized businesses. If you have more complex requirements, such as multiple integrations with systems such as ERP or SCADA, or you need other customisations, we can provide a Managed Cloud solution with a care package that’s tailored to your needs. To discuss your requirements, contact our client team on +44(0)203 356 9629 or

If you are already using Maximo, but would like to convert to Peacock Maximo® SaaS, then we can definitely help – in this case there may be a one-off migration charge at the outset of the project, in addition to the contract fee. Similarly, if you are currently using another EAM solution, but would like to move to Peacock Maximo® SaaS, there would be a migration charge at the outset.

For more information, contact any member of our client team on +44(0)203 356 9629 or

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