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Peacock Engineering MX+ DataStudio data loading for Maximo

Data Management Made Easy

• Web-based data tool for Maximo®
• Query, Edit, and Upload large datasets
• Powerful real-time validation engine
• Secure role-based approval workflows

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Peacock Engineering MX+ data loading tool for maximo

Benefits of Peacock Mx+ DataStudio

  • Reduce data-load time and costs
  • Improve your data quality
  • Empower data owners without losing custodial approval
  • Improved compliance – full audit trail of all data changes to Maximo®
  • Rapid data load – streamline your data project lifecycle
  • No data stored outside of Maximo® (no need for Excel files)
  • Secure – natively uses the Maximo® Security Model and data restrictions
  • Process driven – preview and validate data before committing to production
  • Enterprise solution – scalable solution for flexible adoption model

Watch a 2-minute overview here:

Mx+ DataStudio is a role-based solution designed to make your Maximo® data management more straightforward and cost-effective.

Mx+ DataStudio highlights all the errors in your data prior to loading into Maximo®, and will not allow loading to Maximo® until all the errors are fixed. This ensures that Maximo® runs smoothly, and that the quality of your data is maintained.

Mx+ DataStudio includes tools to help you fix data errors, including highlighting all erroneous cells, and providing Excel-like ‘drag-to-fill’ abilities to enable fast multiple error correction.

Mx+ DataStudio includes completely secure role-based access features, so that your subcontractors or other third parties can pre-validate any of their data which is going in to your Maximo® system.

Mx+ DataStudio opens up validation of data for Maximo® to a much wider staff base – no advanced Maximo skills are required, so you can have many more staff working on your data. Mx+ DataStudio ensures that no data can be actually loaded into Maximo® except by personnel assigned the Approver role – and data cannot be submitted for approval until it is fully validated.

Watch an in-depth demo here

Role-based Data Management for Maximo®

  • Role-based access using Maximo® Security Groups
  • Read Only, Editor and Approver roles enable process-driven data load using Maximo® Workflows, e.g. Subcontractor data input, with internal data approvers
  • Support for bulk uploads, updates, and exports
  • Create revision controlled data load templates in Maximo® – initial release includes templates for loading Assets, Locations, Job Plans, PMs, Routes, and Service Addresses
  • Maximo® Mx+ Template application – fine-tuned control over application behaviour for each Security Group
  • Maximo® Mx+ Folder Manager application – enables discrete Mx+ Data Studio teams to work in isolation

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In this screen, Mx+ DataStudio highlights cells with errors, and gives you a dropdown of valid entries to use in that cell.

Powerful yet intuitive validation engine

  • Multi-stage real-time validation engine
  • Maximo® Schema Validation
  • Maximo® Business Object Validation
  • Custom validation rules using Regular expressions (e.g. postcodes & phone numbers)
  • Real-time feedback of validation errors and warnings in each cell
  • Error navigation mode for efficient issue resolution
  • Live Maximo® data lookups
  • Quick editing using keyboard navigation, autofill, and copy/paste
  • Flexible filtering and sorting options available on any column

Advanced Data Management

  • Support for multi-level datasets – e.g. assets with meters
  • Create “file sets” – validate related datasets before committing to Maximo®
  • Parent/child hierarchy support – automatic commit sequence calculation
  • Import and export data to and from Excel – and between Mx+ Data Studio files
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In this screen, Mx+ DataStudio’s template editor enable you to set column order and heirarchies, without affecting your Maximo data.