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Improve safety while prolonging asset lifecycles with IFS EAM and IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas

Ensure your critical assets are maintained for optimum safety, production and compliance with EAM solutions including IFS EAM and IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas

For organisations in the Oil and Gas sector, it is imperative to meet the stringent HSE requirements of this highly regulated industry by effectively maintaining and monitoring assets.

At the same time, management is putting pressure on engineering and maintenance teams to reduce operating costs, while increasing production.

EAM Solutions help you to balance these requirements, enabling you to:

  • Improve safety & compliance
  • Maximise efficiency and effectiveness
  • Optimise Asset Life
  • Track Corrective and Preventative Work
  • Ensure Compliance to HSE & Regulatory standards
  • Increase asset reliability using Defect Elimination & Effects Analysis
  • Complete and audit complex inspections and checks
  • Integrate with other systems, such as SAP, Oracle, SCADA or IoT

Peacock Engineering are experts at implementing IBM Maximo® and IFS EAM to your exact requirements, to help you achieve all of this.

IBM Maximo<sup>®</sup> for Oil and Gas
IBM Maximo<sup>®</sup> for Oil and Gas

Complete Safety Inspections Accurately and Effectively

Engineers looking after your company’s infrastructure and assets often have to complete inspections out in the field. In this situation, being able to do this digitally via the Fingertip Maximo® Mobile Application helps to:

  • Reduce travel and administration time
  • Ensure health & safety compliance
  • Increase productivity
  • Maintain accurate ‘live’ data on and off line

Carrying out accurate and efficient inspections (in any location, even remote or ATEX-based) is made easy with the use of IBM Maximo® in conjunction with the Fingertip mobile app.

Improve the efficiency of predictive maintenance

An EAM solution can help you to create a digital twin – in effect a virtual simulation of your assets, which can be used to improve the efficiency of predictive maintenance. Learn more about predictive maintenance here.

This uses analytics and machine learning to calculate maintenance regimes that will:

  • Minimise downtime
  • Prevent asset failure
  • Increase revenue generation

Your EAM solution can contain an engineering model, similar to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) models used on large infrastructure projects. Asset data can include photography, location and performance data – whether for a refinery, offshore structure or pipeline.

Holding this information within your EAM system means that it can be shared with engineers and technicians out in the field. Your data is instantly available to all users. IBM Maximo® and IFS EAM enable integration with applications running on mobile devices, such as our Fingertip solution. ATEX inspections can be carried easily and on-the-spot using Fingertip and suitable intrinsically safe mobile devices.

Fingertip enables you to:

  • Enforce your processes at remote locations, using highly customisable mobile forms that guide your engineers precisely through every step
  • Capture an e-signature if required
  • Update both the on-site engineer and head-office team in real time – particularly useful in critical maintenance situations
  • Work entirely offline if required, and update IBM Maximo® as soon as connectivity is restored

Learn more about Fingertip

IBM Maximo<sup>®</sup> for Oil and Gas
Managed Cloud service - more information

Benefits of Managed Cloud service for your organisation

  • Focus your resources on improving system use and data quality while we use our expertise to manage your system.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by using Peacock’s expertise to manage infrastructure and system support.
  • More cost effective licence model than the traditional on premise Maximo® licencing.
  • Flexible product offering which provides support and environment provision options.
  • Guaranteed IT security – All environments provisioned using ISO 27001 certified infrastructure and procedures.

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Service Support - more information

Peacock Engineering’s support includes Maximo, mobility, scheduling, integration, configuration, development.

Peacock Engineering recognises:

  • Different levels of solution complexity
  • A wide variation in internal capability
  • Impact of non-availability which can vary substantially
  • Support processes, systems and measures allow for a tailored ‘fit’

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Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8) - find out more

MAS 8 includes a host of great new features including:

  • Cloud-ready and cloud agnostic
  • Remote monitoring of assets using IoT technology
  • Condition-based predictive maintenance
  • Wide range of add-on packages to suit your business needs

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