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Peacock Engineering was founded 30 years ago and has been providing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions to industry ever since. We are experts at implementing IBM Maximo® and Fingertip to your exact requirements, and we also ensure that all your validation, regulatory, and SLA requirements are met to the highest standards.

Peacock Engineering’s India office was established in 2013, to provide technical services and support the UK team with Maximo® system design, implementation of EAM projects, and much more.

The India headquarters, based in Bangalore, is an integral part of the delivery mechanism of Peacock Engineering. The offices are a fully-functioning, permanent, essential part of the delivery methodology of projects. There is constant communication between the UK and India offices, every working day.

Peacock Engineering India is integral to everything we do. Read on for more detail on how Peacock Engineering UK and India work in tandem, and why the India team are critical to all projects we complete.

How Peacock Engineering India fits within the wider organisation

By having a team of 26+ people in India, Peacock Engineering is expanding our operations to full-time members of our company, to benefit our clients. While the Sales Team and Project Management Team are based in the UK, Technical Services are provided by the team in India, and effective communication and collaboration is ensured between the two HQs by:

  • Daily virtual meetings between our UK and India teams
  • India team members travelling to our UK offices
  • UK team members travelling to our India offices
  • Team leaders in our India office are included on client calls, alongside project managers

In the next year, approximately 10 key members of our India team will be visiting the UK offices in-person. This ensures both teams are on the same page regarding ongoing client work. The UK team will also be visiting the India headquarters in Bangalore this year, to achieve the same goal.

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Peacock Engineering EAM solutions for industry

The four teams in Peacock Engineering India

Peacock Engineering India fulfils an invaluable role in completing the wishes of our clients, and in ensuring all technical aspects of projects are completed by full-time, qualified experts. The India team is made up of four sub-teams:

  • Maximo® Development Team
  • Web Development Team
  • Testing Team
  • Support Team

The Maximo® Development Team is the primary team in the India headquarters, working on project implementations, including solution design and development, unit testing along with release management.

The Web Development Team works on production development as well as customer implementation projects to deliver web and mobile application solutions. They achieve these using technologies such as JavaScript, React, Angular and IBM MobileFirst.

The Testing Team provides end to end testing services to help deliver quality solutions to our customers. To help reduce manual testing efforts we are using automated testing tools to help us develop test suits that can be executed without manual intervention to evaluate regular changes delivered to our customers.

Finally, the Support Team provides customers with ongoing over-the-phone support, to deal with any system issues or queries.

Each team is critical to everything we do as an overall organisation. In total, across the four teams, there are 26+ people working at the Peacock Engineering India headquarters.

Communication and collaboration between Peacock Engineering UK & India

It is essential that communication and collaboration between the UK and India Peacock Engineering teams is consistent, slick and to-the-point. Now that many people in both countries are working remotely, this has become more important than ever.

Effective communication is guaranteed between the two teams by holding daily meetings. These are used to discuss ongoing implementations for customers – and so key personnel in the UK and India can provide updates on progress.

Furthermore, at the Peacock Engineering India HQ, a ‘scrum’ meeting is held every morning. This enables everyone in the Development Team to synchronise activities and create a plan for the following 24 hours.

The same policies are adhered to between both Peacock Engineering UK and India, to ensure consistency and fair treatment throughout the organisation. Any exceptions to this are to accommodate the geography or culture of India.

Bangalore and Pune will also form an essential part of Peacock Engineering’s growth strategy for the coming years.

Peacock Engineering India: Integral to everything we do

Peacock Engineering India is integral to everything our organisation does. The constant collaboration between the UK and India teams ensures that our clients:

  • Have the world’s best experts working on their implementation
  • Always receive the very best service
  • Can speak with a member of our team, 13+ hours per day

If you are interested in learning more about our India headquarters, and applying for one of our open positions there, please email

Peacock Engineering EAM solutions for industry

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