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Maximo® Assist provides your engineers and technicians with AI-powered guidance on the appropriate procedures for repairs, recommendations, and troubleshooting.
Maximo® Assist includes AI driven search tools that provide remote technicians with access to a knowledge base of equipment maintenance data to help diagnose problems and find recommended solutions and best practises.

In addition to finding documented solutions, Maximo® Assist enables technicians to collaborate with remote peers or experts, who are not on-site with them, using real-time video and audio streaming, combined with augmented reality, to enable more effective maintenance, resulting in fewer call-outs and wasted visits.

Use AI to obtain recommended actions

Powered by IBM Watson, The AI capabilities built in to Maximo® Assist, enable it to search through structured and unstructured data, to make the best recommendations on actions an engineer should take. The data that will be searched through includes:

  • Historical work – from existing EAM systems, or external documentation
  • Engineering documentation
  • Equipment manuals
  • Custom databases
  • Reliability and failure mode analysis

Maximo® Assist can ingest documentation from a variety of data sources, including databases, flat files and document management systems. Built-in enrichment algorithms provide additional context – identifying implicit information, concepts and semantics that would be missed by traditional keyword searches.

For example, when repairing an asset, the most relevant and useful information a technician requires will be contained in the notes contained in historical work orders. These notes are often concise, and taken in isolation, may not be obviously relevant to the question being asked. Maximo® Assist is able to understand the context of both the question and the historical actions in terms of “what type of asset is being referred to”, “what is the problem”, “what actions have been taken” and what were the outcomes.

Connecting technicians with remote experts

Maximo® Assist allows technicians to initiate an Augmented Reality collaboration session with a subject matter expert. The subject matter expert not only receives a live video stream from the technician but is also given access to the work order and asset details to provide additional context. Both the technician and expert are able to annotate the video stream to highlight areas of interest or suggested actions.

MAS8 Maximo<sup>®</sup> Assist

Maintain an ongoing record (and details) of asset fixes and collaborations

Maximo® Assist saves the summary of any collaboration sessions that take place – between an engineer/technician and a remotely-based expert. This summary will include process steps associated with a fix, as well as any chat conversations that take place.

Your engineers can not only view the maintenance history of an asset, but also the steps and conversations that were taken during previous maintenance. This ongoing record of conversations forms a valuable part of your company’s digital audit trail.

Furthermore, the collaboration sessions summary is attached to every service request in the Maximo® Assist system. This ensures traceability of the recommendations provided, and will help to improve the fix rate and response time, whenever a similar incident occurs.

Maximo® Assist helps you to retain valuable specialist knowledge, and helps you to move away from reliance on any individual engineer. This improves your overall knowledge bank, and makes specialist knowledge available to all members of your team.

Integration with Maximo® Manage

Your organisation can integrate Maximo® Assist with your central Maximo® Manage system, to enable smooth assistance during the execution of work.

Through effective use of Maximo® Application Suite – including Manage and Assist – your organisation will be able to implement the correct maintenance procedures quickly and:

  • Improve first time fix rates
  • Reduce mean time to repair
  • Increase average asset uptime and availability
  • Improve adherence to safety procedures

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