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IBM Maximo® Health and Predict enables your organisation to get better insight into the performance of your assets – and more accurately predict asset failures in advance.

As part of the new Maximo® Application Suite, Maximo® Health and Predict leverages IBM’s Watson IoT technology to provide unrivalled insights on your assets. This enables you to schedule maintenance more effectively, with fewer callouts and more accurate targeting.

Prioritise the maintenance of vulnerable assets

Maximo® Health and Predict reads live condition data from remote sensors on your assets, and combines it with historic and other information about those assets. This can include:

  • Maintenance records
  • Inspection reports
  • Asset age
  • Environmental data (e.g. the weather the asset has been operating in)

Health & Predict displays a dashboard of health, criticality and risk scores, according to the conditions which you have set for the asset. This dashboard can be used to assess which assets are most likely to fail soon – and therefore prioritise the maintenance of these assets.

Map views allow health and criticality scores can be shown geospatially to help identify patterns and allow investment to be targeted in the areas it is most required.

Benefit from powerful Work Queues

Work Queues can be configured in Maximo® Health and Predict to automatically show the assets with the highest probability of failure at the top, according to the health and criticality conditions that you have set.

Predictive modelling with Maximo® Predict

Maximo® Predict correlates data from varied sources such as IoT sensors, operational technology (OT) systems, and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems, with any known failures in the equipment by leveraging Watson Machine Learning. Models trained on this data produce a score that gives the reliability engineer insight into the future state of their equipment based on real data from their specific assets.

Maximo® Predict includes 5 core templates, enabling you to build models which can predict failure dates, modes, probabilities and anomalies. These templates include algorithms and methods developed by IBM Research, and are continually enhanced. Data sets are unique, and different learning algorithms are available for different data sets. Maximo® Predict also includes a comprehensive library of analytics APIs, to enable you to build custom models, designed specifically for your organisation’s assets.

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Installation alongside Maximo® Manage

When your organisation installs Maximo® Health and Predict alongside Maximo® Manage, it can access additional capabilities. Maximo® Health can share the same infrastructure and asset database as Maximo® Manage, which helps to:

  • Eliminate the need to duplicate and transfer data
  • Utilise health scores and analytical predictions to drive core asset management and maintenance workflows
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Increase asset lifespan with Maximo® Health and Predict

Maximo® Health and Predict enables better maintenance and replacement strategies, and provides the evidence you need to optimise asset investment.

Maximo® Health and Predict not only prioritises maintenance according to your criticality conditions, but uses machine learning to predict when maintenance will be required in the future. This enables you to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve asset uptime
  • Improve asset utilisation

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