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Simplifying, automating and capturing Process Safety Performance Indicators.

Flogas Britain Ltd is one of the UK’s major distributors of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The business operates on 34 sites across the UK and Ireland.

Flogas uses IBM Maximo® to drive its Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPI). The business achieves this by recording daily checks, routine maintenance and statutory inspections.

The company was keen to:

  • Simplify its presentation of PSPI data
  • Automate its capturing of PSPI data
  • Capture increased quantities of PSPI data

This would help the company to provide comprehensive leading and lagging metrics to its various stakeholders and staff.

Developing Maximo® for improved performance and value

Following its acquisition of BP LPG in 2013, Flogas Britain wanted to move the legacy BP data into its existing IBM Maximo® system. The business also wanted to develop the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system for improved performance and value.

Peacock Engineering was brought in to develop training courses on how to move BP’s legacy data, and delivered these courses to Flogas staff across the UK and Ireland.

Peacock Engineering’s contract with Flogas delivered IBM Maximo® Oil and Gas through a Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement, which fully supports close to 100 users.

Peacock Engineering Maximo<sup>®</sup> for DHL
Maximo<sup>®</sup> for DHL

The solution is used by the business to:

  • Ensure asset performance and integrity
  • Monitor asset maintenance data
  • Manage equipment & location data
  • Oversee inspections in Flogas’s operations in the UK & Ireland

The redeveloped business processes and new asset/location hierarchy now delivers these automated monthly reports. This is accessible to all managers, outlining how best to improve asset performance and ensure safety.

Adding mobile functionality to the system

Flogas Britain added the mobile functionality of Peacock Engineering’s Fingertip solution. The add-on Audit function that Fingertip offers helps Flogas to:

  • Simplify the work process across the business
  • Set up ad-hoc or planned audits of assets & locations
  • Create follow-up work orders on the spot

An example of follow-up work orders includes corrective maintenance work, which can be used to rectify any faults in company assets.

This function allows Flogas to capture both leading and lagging indicators on asset and user performance. This fulfils their goal to simplify, automate and capture their Process Safety Performance Indicators.

What the client said:

“In our industry, effective and timely asset management and maintenance are crucial to our operational success. We have worked with Peacock Engineering to establish IBM Maximo® as our platform for asset inventory, maintenance work, inspections, management of change and permit to work.

We are now looking at the next phase of our relationship with them, introducing Fingertip Mobility to extend Maximo® functionality to engineers operating via mobile devices and extending the scope of PSPI reporting.”

Andrew Freeman, Health & Safety Engineering Integrity Manager, Flogas Britain

What our Director said:

“Peacock Engineering has established a strong working relationship with Flogas and DCC Energy by delivering tangible value to the business through smart use of the IBM Maximo® system.

We continue to support their users, and are constantly looking for ways to enhance the system to make full use of its breadth of functionality.

Flogas has renewed and extended their contract with us and we look forward to collaborating further to enhance their use of Maximo® and its related products for improved maintenance, inspections and regulatory compliance in the future.”

Alan Cambridge, Director, Peacock Engineering