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Maximo® Application Suite provides a range of tools to give your organisation unparalleled insight into the performance and condition of your assets.

IBM Maximo® Monitor, part of the Maximo® Application Suite, provides real-time visibility of the condition of your assets, with configurable dashboards, automatic anomaly detection, and alerts.

Maximo® Monitor combines remote sensor data from your asset, with historical information, to alert you when performance anomalies are detected. This gives you early warning of potential issues, and enables you to schedule preventative maintenance, sooner.

Maximo® Monitor is the key foundation for many of the new Maximo® Application Suite applications, enabling you to start your journey towards predictive maintenance, and gain the benefits of lower costs and increased asset uptime.

View individual sites and assets in more detail

With Maximo® Monitor’s intuitive interface, it is easy for your engineers to drill down to view individual sites and assets in detail. Monitor displays performance data graphically, so it is easy to spot patterns in anomalies, and take appropriate action.

By having a clear understanding of how, why and when assets are underperforming, you can intervene sooner, which results in:

  • Lower failure rates
  • Increased asset uptime
  • Improved return on investment

For example, if there is an issue with one of your organisation’s pumps, Maximo® Monitor allows you to see in-depth details about the asset, to help determine what is causing the problem with the pump. If you view the pump details page, you may see that the alerts are being generated by automatic anomaly detection, which is highlighting unusual vibration patterns. This can indicate that a bearing, or some other element, may need replacing. You can also see the maintenance history for the asset, which provides you with further guidance on the underlying issue.

This critical information about all your assets, wherever they are located in the world, enables you to prioritise different alerts, decide what action you want to take, and when to take it.

The Benefits of BIM in Facilities Management

Instant alerts means faster maintenance

Maximo® Monitor makes the remote monitoring of assets easier for your operations and maintenance teams.

You can configure the Maximo® Monitor dashboard to show you the asset metrics that are most important to you, and to alert you when anomalies are detected, according to the conditions that you set.

Maximo® Monitor alerts you as soon as an anomaly is detected. You can issue a service request directly from Monitor, meaning your assets are maintained sooner, which reduces downtime and improves profitability.

Maximo® Monitor can be configured without any coding expertise; but you may find that a specialist integrator, such as Peacock Engineering, can help you determine how you can get the best from the software, and ensure it is configured for your needs.

Integrate seamlessly with other Maximo® Application Suite apps

Maximo® Monitor integrates seamlessly with other Maximo® Application Suite apps, making it simple to transition into Maximo® Manage (for example) to view further asset details and work history.

MAS-8 apps, including Maximo® Monitor, can be added to your existing Maximo® 7.6.X installation, without having to upgrade Maximo® in its entirety; and with AppPoints licensing, you only pay for the users that you need.

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