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An Introduction to IBM Envizi

Envizi from IBM is an easy to adopt solution enabling businesses to collect, manage and derive insights from sustainability data, to help drive decarbonisation and sustainability strategies.

• Manage emissions accounting
• Support ESG reporting
• Deliver insights to underpin decarbonisation

How Fingertip can help Life Sciences organisations to improve safety

Fingertip can help Life Sciences organisations to enforce processes and standards by:

• enforce safety processes at the point-of-work
• RAs, safety observations & incident reporting
• captures full digital audit trail
• maintains compliance with all industry standards

Asset Management in the Life Sciences industry

An enterprise-wide asset management system helps life sciences companies to:

• Ensure compliance
• Reduce risk (and compliance costs)
• Maximize asset utilization & performance
• Boost product quality

Recipharm AB appoint Peacock Engineering

Peacock Engineering is helping Recipharm AB to:

• Ensure robust regulatory compliance
• Reduce risk & compliance costs
• Maximise asset utilisation & performance
• Boost product quality