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Enterprise Asset Management for Nuclear Plants

IBM Maximo’s nuclear industry add-on includes tools to make the balance between safety and efficiency requirements easier to achieve.

• nuclear-specific tools and apps
• automatic anomaly detection
• builds & keeps knowledge bank over plant lifetime

Maximo Application Suite – Maximo Assist

Maximo Assist includes AI driven search tools to provide field technicians with access to a knowledge base of maintenance data, plus remote human expert help when they need it.

• database of historical work & notes
• connect with your own experts
• reduce maintenance calls

Peacock Engineering India: Integral to everything we do

Our Indian offices are an essential and integral part of our business, helping us to provide Maximo solutions and implementation services to major multinational utilities and energy companies.
• daily meetings for seamless work
• faster project delivery
• development, testing & support

Maximo Application Suite – Maximo Health & Predict

Maximo Health & Predict, part of MAS-8, combines remote sensor data with historical asset data to predict asset failure, so you can action maintenance sooner

• prevent critical failures
• extend asset lifecycles
• reduce maintenance calls