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People and organisations from all across the world rely on the travel, transport and logistics industries – which is why successfully managing assets is so important.

The right Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution should offer a complete solution for managing all types of transportation assets. This includes buses, trains, airplanes, cars, warehouses, picking systems, traffic control systems, and facilities , and all other assets used across the industry.

Your organisation can unlock the maximum benefit when it utilises the leading technology: Maximo Application Suite, along with the Fingertip mobile working solution.

Implementing this software with maximum success requires expert guidance, and that’s where we can offer enormous value. We can help you to improve your efficiency, productivity, data consistency, asset availability, cost savings, and much more.

Unlocking the benefits of Maximo Application Suite

Maximo Application Suite (MAS) makes it easier for your organisation to achieve predictive asset maintenance, fulfill all work requests, achieve regulatory compliance, and maintain a consistent audit trail.

The software also creates benefits for the bottom-line of your company. Whether you are in the travel, transport or logistics sector, you can use MAS to achieve:

  • Improved efficiency with the enterprise management of fleet maintenance
  • Value for money from improved asset utilisation
  • Longer asset life cycles from efficient maintenance management
  • Better supplier performance from strict contract management
  • Reduced stock holding meaning less equipment downtime and an improved cash flow.
  • Improved workforce efficiency and effectiveness.
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Maximo Application Suite can be configured to achieve the precise features your business requires. Self-service work requests can be routed directly to the relevant department, and readings for mileage and usage can be uploaded to the system to drive maintenance schedules.

Varying levels of accessibility can be provided to different levels of employees – which can be useful for authorizing work and purchases, managing asset warranties, or reviewing contracts within Maximo.

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Achieve mobile working excellence with Fingertip

Travel, transport and logistics organisations often have an extremely high number of employees working from remote locations. For example, engineers may be based underground, on an airfield, or in a distant rural area. Equipping these experts with a mobile solution, integrated with your main Maximo Application Suite system, provides a huge number of benefits:

  • Issue work orders in the field
  • Work online and link data with Maximo in real-time
  • Semalessly Work offline and sync data once a connection is avaialble.
  • Enforce processes at any location
  • Capture hard signature or e-signature for all work, to ensure compliance and anaudit trail
  • Make inventory changes or order stock during site visits
  • Reduce paperwork and avoid duplication to ensure ‘one version of the truth’ regarding data
    • Fingertip also comes with a powerful mobile forms feature, using complex conditional logic to guide your engineers through every stage of an assets’s inspection. Fingertip’s Inventory Management module can also be used to manage and control stock levels.

Case Study: Installing a cloud-based solution at DHL’s UK headquarters

DHL is a leading global logistics company that delivers nearly 2 billion parcels, to over 220 territories, every year. An essential part of the organisation’s UK operation is its critical asset base at Heathrow Airport, West London.

DHL wanted to upgrade its existing EAM solution, IBM Maximo, which included Fingertip and was hosted and supported by us, to an updated version of the software, IBM Maximo Application Suite. We used our experience and expertise to carry out the MAS upgrade, which also included a Fingertip upgrade.

The move to the cloud has already enabled:

  • Increased asset uptime
  • Better first-time-fix rates
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced ability to store data on and offline

DHL’s Fingertip upgrade enables its team to benefit from improved real-time data capture, flexible work processes and faster work progression. DHL’s maintenance teams will also receive training workshops delivered by our team of experts.

Manage asset warranties more effectively

It’s crucial that your business can efficiently manage your asset warranties. Maximo Application Suite has advanced scheduling capabilities, which help you to:

  • Track all key information regarding warranties
  • View the depreciation schedule history of an asset
  • Increase control on item warranty validations
  • Better determine warranty durations

With our help, your business can track asset warranty information, wherever that asset may be, which enables coverage to be extended to labour materials and services.

Unlock the power of Maximo Application Suite in your travel, transport or logistics business

We work with some of the UK’s leading airports and bus companies, helping them to deliver value using IBM Maximo.

Please get in touch today for an initial discussion to see how we can improve your business’s performance.

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