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Water businesses have a unique mix of assets, in both ‘above ground’ and ‘below ground’ environments. So your asset management system needs to be able to handle all your above-ground assets such as plant and treatment works, while also including linear asset and GIS capabilities, for your below-ground distributed asset network of delivery and waste pipes. And the widely distributed nature of your assets, means that having a good mobile EAM implementation is essential to maximise the efficiency of your maintenance and installation teams.

IBM Maximo enables all this functionality, and is the leading EAM solution for the water industry. New apps in Maximo Application Suite, such as Maximo Health and Predict, can add remote sensor-based monitoring of assets, to help plan maintenance and avoid costly equipment failures.

Our Fingertip mobile EAM solution is the most fully-featured mobile EAM app, and is tried and tested in the field, with thousands of users, including in major water businesses.

We can also implement automated scheduling and field service options for you, to further improve the efficiency of your field teams.

Peacock Engineering has worked with water businesses for many years – so we understand what you need from your Enterprise Asset Management system, and can implement a seamless solution for you.

How Maximo Application Suite can help water businesses

Maximo Application Suite can help water companies to optimise operational efficiency, extend asset life and plan for capital asset replacement.

Maximo Visual Inspection has machine learning capabilities which enables you to train the system to spot developing flaws in assets, using visual models. For example, if a water main or pump is faulty or nearing the end of its life, Maximo Application Suite will automatically detect this and schedule maintenance, so that flaws don’t become failures.

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Maximo Predict, another application in the suite, can use automatic anomaly detection to give you early warning of problems with assets. Work Queues can be configured to automatically show the assets with the highest probability of failure at the top, according to the health and criticality conditions that you have set.

Furthermore, Maximo Assist enables water technicians working on assets in remote locations to initiate an Augmented Reality collaboration session with a subject matter expert. The expert not only receives a live video stream from the technician but is also given access to the work order and asset details to provide additional context. Both the technician and expert can annotate the video stream to highlight areas of interest or suggested actions.

Integration of GIS data in Maximo Application Suite enables you to achieve a digital twin of your assets (such as pipes, pumps or water tanks) that other Maximo applications can compare performance against.

You can use a digital twin to perform diagnostics and troubleshooting, recommend corrective action, and even generate insights to improve the next generation of the product.

Maximo Application Suite can also manage linear assets such as pipelines and can record values that vary along the asset’s length.

Combining Maximo Application Suite with an outstanding Mobile Solution

Fingertip is Peacock Engineering’s mobile solution, which fully integrates with Maximo Application Suite. Fingertip enables your water technicians to take full advantage of your Maximo installation, so that they have live data on your assets wherever they are. Fingertip modules include GIS and linear asset management, which is ideal for maintenance of distributed networks.

For companies with pipe networks across the UK, including in remote areas, having an outstanding mobile solution is essential for increasing your first-time fix rate and eliminating unproductive asset visits.

Fingertip comes with lots of unique capabilities for water companies, such as enabling you to:

  • GIS and linear asset management
  • Capture data including e-signature, photos & GPS location
  • Generate work orders and assign work
  • Use configurable forms to enforce your processes
  • Provide your water technicians with real-time information
  • Use on ATEX devices
  • Works without a network link (eg. below ground) – updates Maximo as soon as a link is re-established

Unlike other mobile solutions, Fingertip does not try to replicate Maximo on a mobile device. It has been designed to address the process and information needs of your field workers, making for a user experience that is uncluttered and intuitive.

Improve efficiency, prevent asset failure and reduce operating costs

Peacock Engineering’s staff are experts at integrating Maximo Application Suite into water companies. Our recent clients have included SSE and Irish Water.
For a full demonstration of how Maximo Application Suite can be leveraged by your water business, contact us today at