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Our client was a high fashion house using IBM Maximo® version 7.5 and Fingertip version 2.0 to help deliver exemplary customer service to their customers.

Maximo® helped the company to:

  • Undertake preventive maintenance
  • Support store maintenance operations
  • Be health and safety compliant

However, both systems were at the end of support.

Ensuring a seamless and smooth upgrade

IBM Maximo® and Fingertip were deeply embedded within the client’s processes for achieving an excellent customer experience. Therefore, any upgrade needed to be seamless and smooth, avoiding any disruption to the day-to-day operations.

The Peacock Engineering team worked closely with the client to identify the most suitable upgrade solution. This had to manage the transfer from the existing systems to Maximo® version 7.6 and Fingertip version 4.3 quickly and effectively.

Fashion Industry Peacock Engineering Female on iPad
Fashion Industry Peacock Engineering Maximo<sup>®</sup> and Fingertip on Devices

Providing significant benefits to the client

The upgraded Maximo® 7.6 system supports the client’s preventive maintenance by:

  • Reducing asset downtime
  • Increasing operational efficiency

The fashion house can now ensure that health and safety regulations are met, and all necessary reports can be produced. This means they are able to continue delivering a best practice customer experience through the use of Maximo® and Fingertip.

The Fingertip Mobile solution from Peacock Engineering enables the organisation’s field-based engineers to work on the move and to manage both planned and reactive work in real time.

This ensures:

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Much quicker response & repair times

This provides significant benefits to the business.

What the client said:

We have worked with Peacock Engineering for a number of years. Most recently they ensured our Maximo® upgrade to 7.6 was both rapid and smooth. We now have access to Service Requests and Work Centers, helping us organise our team more effectively. Our Fingertip solution has also been upgraded to the latest version. The enhanced user design makes it easier
for us to complete work using mobile forms for better data quality

Darren Kearns, Maintenance & Facilities Manager, Top Fashion Brand.

Accessing new technologies

The fashion company benefitted from:

  • A seamless transition to the new systems
  • Access to new technologies
  • Easier to use software
  • Improved maintenance management data
  • Better insight to make operational level decisions

Technologies the client is now utilizing include IBM Maximo’s Work Center capabilities.

This includes Service Requests and Work Orders.