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Egis Road and Tunnel Operations (ERTO) is an organisation in the Republic of Ireland, responsible for the operations and maintenance of two major tunnels: the Dublin and Jack Lynch Tunnels.

It is important for ERTO to have access to the correct technology and software, so the organisation can carry out:

  • Toll collection
  • Traffic management
  • Tunnel safety management
  • Emergency and contingency planning
  • Equipment and infrastructure inspection

Peacock Engineering has been brought in by ERTO on a new contract to transfer their existing IBM Maximo enterprise asset management system to the cloud. Within the first year of the project starting, it has already unlocked significant benefits for the infrastructure operator.

Maximo Application Suite will also be combined with Peacock Engineering’s unique Fingertip mobile solution, enabling the mobile workforce to fully leverage infield and onsite asset visibility, along with full point-of-work management. This unlocks faster work progression, flexible work processes, and real-time data capture for ERTO.

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Providing a single platform for intelligent asset management

Peacock Engineering has facilitated a successful transfer to Maximo Application Suite. This new solution offers Egis Road and Tunnel Operations a single platform for intelligent asset management, monitoring, maintenance, computer vision, safety and reliability. Some of the benefits of this new system includes:

  • Increased asset uptime
  • Improved first-time fix rates
  • Better operational efficiencies
  • Digitised work orders
  • Greater ability to store data on and off-line
  • Reduced duplication and human error

ERTO now has a 360-degree, real time view of its asset base, across its managed infrastructure.

Matt Deadman, Chief Operating Officer at Peacock Engineering said:

“Moving the operations process and systems for the Dublin and Jack-Lynch Tunnels to the forefront of Asset Management delivery will enable ERTO to leverage the full capabilities of IBM’s market leading EAM solution.

Providing granular views of both tunnels will help them to carry out maintenance even more efficiently, while also helping to reduce the disruption to those using these vital routes to navigate around Dublin and Cork.

We are delighted to be working with Egis Road and Tunnel Operations.”