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The mobile asset management market is forecast to grow 14.2% by 2026 . This is because the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, is no longer an option but a necessity.

A high-quality Mobile App can increase productivity by 34% (or more)

Research by shows that mobile apps can boost UK worker productivity by more than 34%. It also shows that 9 in 10 users say work apps improved their behaviour as a business professional.

Technicians should be able to record what they’re doing, wherever they are. That’s why many businesses are adopting a mobile asset management system, which helps them to:

  • Improve internal process compliance
  • Enhance asset performance
  • Send work orders out at point-of-work

To understand everything a business needs from a mobile asset management solution, see some key pointers below.

So, is your mobile solution…

  • Ensuring all your work processes are followed correctly
  • Giving you a comprehensive audit trail
  • Helping you achieve compliance
  • Easy to use
  • Embraced by your workforce
  • Allowing your team to effectively work wherever they are
  • Checking data as its input
  • Helping you become paper-free
  • Maximising your first-time rate
  • Increasing your asset uptime and lifespan
  • Providing you with GIS mapping

All of these are achievable with the right mobile app, configured correctly to fit your work processes and requirements. It should also capture and check the data you need, and escalate work orders quickly when needed.

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Mirror your Business and Work Processes

For a mobile app to really work hard for you, it needs to effectively mirror your processes, and ensure that every technician follows the right procedures based on the situation presented at the point of work.

For outstanding compliance control, a mobile asset management solution will capture an e-signature at the end of each task. ensuring that:

  • There is a verifiable audit trail
  • Critical processes are adhered to throughout
  • Appropriate staff take responsibility

Furthermore, an effective solution will deliver the right level of access, business process and information, to the right person – so each staff member will be working within their scope at all times.

This ensures:

  • Efficient working
  • Process control
  • Quick escalation of interventions or work orders
  • Compliance and audit trail
  • You know who has done what, when

Enhance asset performance

When the quality of data captured by a business is improved and recorded (and validated) at point-of-work, it enhances overall asset performance.

This is because rapid, appropriate reactive repairs are completed, and proactive maintenance schedules are followed & confirmed. This leads to:

  • Increased asset uptime
  • Improved first-time fix, with good initial diagnostics
  • Less wear-and-tear on assets, as interventions are timely

Having real time data at point of work allows businesses to react and intervene more quickly, or change the intervention plan or work schedule.

It also means that companies can collect the key information to anticipate asset failure and understand when to intervene. When an asset has increased uptime as a result of reduced time to repair, it reduces the total cost of ownership for that asset.

This helps companies to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save admin resources

Data should also be accessible from the field, using features like barcode scanning, RFID tags, and equipment routing, ensuring that correct parts and tools are brought when repairing or maintaining assets.

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Manage work orders at the point-of-work

When work orders are sent out automatically and updated at the point-of-work, problems within a business are fixed more quickly. This increases staff productivity compared to paper-based processes, because it ensures that the right technician is:

  • In the right place
  • At the right time
  • With the right tools

This reduces the time taken for an asset to be fixed, because faults can be reported on the spot.

This is considerably faster than when staff have to return to their computer (which can sometimes be across the country) and then report the faulty machinery.

This increases the efficiency of a business’s assets, and results in:

  • Increased asset uptime
  • Increased first-time fix
  • Increased asset reliability

The Fingertip add-on mobile solution: what does it offer?

The Fingertip add-on to the IBM Maximo® asset management system offers everything a business needs from a mobile working solution. Every feature mentioned in this article is provided by Fingertip.

In addition, Fingertip is also able to capture and analyse spatial and geographic data. This means that the software is usable in all industries – even those that require locational data at point-of-work.

Peacock Engineering is the only provider of the Fingertip add-on to IBM Maximo, meaning that only Peacock Engineering’s expert technicians can install the Fingertip solution.

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