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Enterprise Asset Management for Bus Operators

Maximo enables bus operators to optimise the performance and cost-effectiveness of their operations and assets, including tools to:
• help you make better investments, and improve service
• provide insights into safety and quality performance
• maximise vehicle uptime, reduce failures

Enterprise Asset Management for Travel, Transport and Logistics

People and organisations from all across the world rely on the travel, transport and logistics industries – which is why successfully managing assets is so important.
• Realise more value from improved asset use
• more efficient maintenance management
• access asset information from anywhere on your site

Enterprise Asset Management for Sea Ports

World trade is hugely dependent on sea ports. Without thousands of shipping containers arriving every day, transferring items around the planet, the world economy would break down. Read how MAS can help your port to:
• Maximise asset uptime and lifespan
• Optimise operational efficiency
• Improve health, safety and incident reporting

Enterprise Asset Management for the UK Rail Industry

The UK rail industry is receiving continuous investment, and is embracing new technologies and digital transformation. This article expores how EAM solutions can help with:

• Maintaining and reporting on compliance
• Cutting costs without compromising quality
• Guaranteeing safety of all passengers & staff