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Enterprise Asset Management for the Facilities Management Industry

EAM solutions such as IBM Maximo enable FM operators to keep a 360-degree view of their contracts, and other new technologies such as FSM and PSO can bring extra benefits.
• Improve productivity and profitability
• Fully digital work records make billing easier
• Meet and exceeed SLAs

Enterprise Asset Management for the Water Industry

Maximo Application Suite can help water companies to optimise operational efficiency, extend asset life and plan for capital asset replacement.
• Maximo Visual Inspection can visually detect issues
• Maximo Predict can use automatic anomaly detection to give you early warning of problems

Maximo Application Suite for the Energy from Waste industry

Energy from Waste organisations have complex equipment operating in challenging environments. EAM solutions can help maximise asset uptime and keep maintenance costs low.
• Increase productivity of the plant
• Improve asset lifecycles and asset life
• Optimise stock and spares management