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Fingertip 4.7 is here!

This important update for Fingertip, Peacock Engineering’s tried-and-tested mobile EAM solution, adds support for IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS)
• SAML authorisation at MAS level
• Fingertip apps available in MAS interface
• class-leading user concurrency keeps MAS App Points usage to a minimum

An Introduction to IBM Envizi

Envizi from IBM is an easy to adopt solution enabling businesses to collect, manage and derive insights from sustainability data, to help drive decarbonisation and sustainability strategies.

• Manage emissions accounting
• Support ESG reporting
• Deliver insights to underpin decarbonisation

Maximo Application Suite in the Offshore Energy sector

Although the amount of maintenance required for turbines is low, the cost of going out to do maintenance is high. Maximo Application Suite apps can notify you of issues sooner.

• algorithms can spot performance anomalies
• remote visual inspection for asset condition

Enterprise Asset Management for Nuclear Plants

IBM Maximo’s nuclear industry add-on includes tools to make the balance between safety and efficiency requirements easier to achieve.

• nuclear-specific tools and apps
• automatic anomaly detection
• builds & keeps knowledge bank over plant lifetime