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Outotec UK is a global frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for aggregates, mining, metals refining and recycling industries. They offer technologies and services that reduce the consumption of energy and water by:

  • Increasing process efficiency
  • Increasing recycling
  • Reprocessing tailings and waste

When Outotec first entered the Service Industry in the UK, their Finnish partners provided a Maximo® system which was designed for the mining industry, not the Energy from Waste industry. Therefore, the current version of Maximo® was designed for a different outcome – and required reconfiguration to ensure it met their UK requirements.

Peacock Engineering were brought in to perform this reconfiguration. We migrated and upgraded the existing IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system into a UK-based solution, to improve Outotec’s Energy from Waste plant operations in the UK.

Why Outotec UK chose Peacock Engineering

After researching potential EAM partners and asking for recommendations from leading Energy organisations, Outotec UK found that Peacock Engineering already had specialists with experience in the Energy from Waste sector.

This prior experience was invaluable to Outotec UK, because the complexity of their project requirements (and the complexity of their industry) required experts who had already deployed Maximo® in an Energy from Waste environment.

outotec energy from waste
outotec fluidized bed power plant

Establishing Outotec UK’s requirements

Once Outotec UK provided a detailed scope in writing of their project requirements, Peacock Engineering organised several initial workshops with their senior team members. In these workshops we:

  • Sat with Outotec UK to discuss their requirements
  • Answered any questions from Outotec’s team
  • Understood how Outotec currently used Maximo
  • Outlined what ‘success’ looked like to them

As a result of these workshops, Peacock Engineering created a series of recommendations for Outotec UK on how they could maximise value and ensure continuous improvement from using Maximo® for years to come. These target results were agreed with Outotec before the project began.

Ensuring continuous improvement for Outotec UK

Peacock Engineering migrated Outotec Finland’s existing cloud server for Maximo® into the UK system, within a pre-agreed timeframe. This migration ensures that Maximo® is correctly managed and configured for the company’s Energy from Waste needs.

We are also hosting regular conversations with Outotec UK to specify: how Maximo® can be utilised in the best possible way; how Peacock Engineering can support them on their Maximo® journey; and how continuous improvement can be guaranteed.

Spare parts and consumer builds have now been incorporated into the Maximo® system – which was not used in the initial version that Outotec UK was first set up with. Peacock Engineering are now training all Outotec UK staff (especially the engineers) in how to get the most from Maximo®.

Providing countless benefits to Outotec UK

The updated version of Maximo® has removed guesswork from all of Outotec UK’s asset maintenance. They now have access to accurate asset data at all times – including when engineers send updates from the point-of-execution – which has enabled the company to carry out effective predictive maintenance. Their asset maintenance strategy is no longer reactive, and now removes the possibility for human error by using the Maximo® framework to automatically manage asset maintenance in the system.

Furthermore, Peacock Engineering’s Maximo® solution has provided Outotec UK with a significantly increased ability to plan and allocate resources in advance. Manfred Spille, Head of Energy Service at Outotec UK, said: “It allows me to plan our manpower, plan our year, plan our monthly and yearly events and plan long-term events like five-year steam turbine maintenance programmes. Also, it helps me to manage my service contracts which I have with third parties.”

For more details about Metso Outotec’s Waste-to-Energy plants, click here (opens in a new tab).

What the client said:

Manfred Spille, Head of Energy Service at Outotec UK, said:

“Outotec UK Ltd is working with Peacock Engineering Ltd on migrating and improving our current Maximo® EAM which will support existing contracts and enables us to deliver a better service to our clients. This will also ensure that new projects will get the best possible start for the commissioning and the operational phase with an optimized system as well as continued support from Peacock to improve services.“

Tim Tunnard, Senior Business Manager, Peacock Engineering Ltd, said:
“The migration of IBM Maximo® to a UK managed cloud service helps Outotec to drive efficiency and increase operational margins through increased cost avoidance strategies. This empowers ‘smart action’ and enables better business decision-making at all levels of Outotec’s management.“

outotec energy from waste