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Peacock Engineering was delighted to welcome colleagues from our India headquarters to the United Kingdom for 10 days on 21st May, 2022.

Kuldeep Yadav and Aman Bhatele, both senior members of the team in India, travelled from India to our Chalfont and Leeds offices to:

  • Attend project training
  • Meet members of the team
  • Experience British culture

The project training was specific to one of Peacock Engineering’s largest upcoming projects, with one of the UK’s top Facilities Management providers.

One-to-one training with specialists

Kuldeep and Aman are both senior members at our India office and were therefore the perfect people to train one-to-one with specialists on our upcoming FM project. Through this training, Kuldeep and Aman were able to:

  • Gain more knowledge on specialist areas
  • Develop their understanding of the system and how it works
  • Understand why the system has been developed a specific way
  • Ask questions and make notes

They each had one-to-one discussions with members of our UK team, on specialist areas specific to their role in India. The purpose of this was so they could take their knowledge back to India and train the relevant teams.

This in-depth, in-person training will ensure that our clients always receive the best service possible, and guarantees continuity of expertise.

Experiencing the British culture

Kuldeep and Aman were accompanied by members of the Peacock Engineering UK team throughout their stay. In particular, James Holloway, our IT Service Delivery Manager, showed them around London and Leeds for the majority of their visit, and ensured they always had exciting plans at the weekend. Tahira Aslam was also present for 3 days of the London visit.

During their visit, Kuldeep and Aman experienced many ‘traditional’ British things for the first time, such as:

  • Visiting a British pub
  • Eating vegan food
  • Going to a British ‘sweet shop’
  • Visiting the cinema
  • Seeing the tourist attractions in London and Leeds

There were lots of other Peacock Engineering UK team members who helped to show Kuldeep and Aman around London and Leeds. Equally, the pair met previous employees at our India office who now work for us in the UK, which gave them a different perspective on life in our country.

It was an exciting cultural experience for both the UK and India team which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

A hugely successful collaboration

This collaboration between our UK and India offices is part of Peacock Engineering’s ongoing commitment to always offer exemplary products and services.
Increased training for our India colleagues also means that if we expand the team (either in India, or elsewhere), there is already an excellent foundation of knowledge which makes onboarding and continuity of expertise easier.