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Outotec provides world leading process technologies and services to the metals and mining, water, energy, and chemical industries. They have chosen Peacock Engineering to migrate and update an existing IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management solution from Outotec Finland into a UK based solution to improve the Energy from Waste plant operations in the UK.

As a result, Outotec UK will benefit from:

  • Increased asset optimization
  • Improved maintenance productivity
  • Enhanced efficiency & effectiveness in their plants
  • Optimization of Inventory stockholdings

Tim Tunnard, Senior Business Manager, Peacock Engineering Ltd:

The migration of IBM Maximo® to a UK managed cloud service will help Outotec to drive efficiency and increase operational margins through increased cost avoidance strategies. This will empower ‘smart action’ and enable better business decision-making at all levels of Outotec’s management.

Manfred Spille, Head of Energy Service, UK:

Outotec UK Ltd is looking forward to work with Peacock Engineering Ltd on migrating and improving our current Maximo® EAM which will support existing contracts and enables us to deliver a better service to our clients. This will also ensure that new projects will get the best possible start for the commissioning and the operational phase with an optimized system as well as continued support from Peacock to improve services.

Peacock Engineering client, Manfred Spille of Outotec, shares what he can now provide through Maximo, and his vision for the future, in this audio podcast from IBM.