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Upgrading and developing Maximo and installing Fingertip mobility.

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIEN) own the regulated electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure in Northern Ireland. For approximately 10 years, NIEN have used Maximo to support these assets and activities.

In 2017 Peaock Engineering was selected through a public tender process to upgrade and develop Maximo and to replace the legacy mobile solution of Syclo with Fingertip Mobility.

The key project’s objectives were:

  • Upgrade Maximo to the latest version
  • Replace customisation with configuration
  • Provide enhanced asset move & work order functionality
  • Provide & fully implement several mobile work streams
  • Ensure mapping availability on mobile devices
  • Create a user-friendly experience for mobility
The Upgrade

Peacock Engineering commenced the project in Sept 2017 and delivered all scheduled contractual milestones with minimal change over a period of 9 months.

A number of significant challenges were encountered and overcome during the project by NIEN, including broad changes to staff and outsourced IT suppliers occurring mid-project.

NIEN successfully managed this transition with Peacock Engineering and other suppliers, ensuring crucial knowledge transfer of the legacy Maximo system and the new project brief was managed with minimal impact.

Peacock Engineering’s onshore and off shore teams were utilised to intensify and compress testing cycles, which were completed in March 2018.

Fingertip and Maximo training were also delivered to end-users; the intuitive nature of Fingertip ensured a successful go-live with high user adoption.

The solution has been stable, with very few third and fourth line tickets raised, providing NIEN with a stable and capable platforms for development.

What our clients say:

“NIEN and Peacock Engineering managed a tight programme, A Project Board governance process ensured scope was controlled, cost was managed and the timescale closely followed. Both parties can be proud of a clear joint success in delivering a complex project on time and on budget.”

Project Manager,

The Outcome

The primary goal of the project was to achieve a faster, more robust Maximo system which offered the ability to meet new requirements through development and could be supported by NIEN’s IT resources and the vendor. Peacock Engineering worked collaboratively with NIEN to realise this goal, while also delivering a successful IT project on budget and on time.

A series of other benefits came out of the project, through good engagement and response during solution design. These included a huge increase in efficiency in work planning, significant productivity gains, and the successful introduction of point-to-point mapping functionality for field engineers.