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Maximo® VIsual Inspection helps you to identify emerging quality or safety issues by monitoring your assets 24/7.

Mission-critical assets, both on-site and in the field, are often operating in challenging environments, which can make it difficult to identify emerging quality or safety issues during routine inspections and maintenance. Adding automated visual inspection, with AI-based scrutiny, enables you to keep watch for errors and issues 24/7.

This is what Maximo® Visual Inspection (MVI) delivers – it enables you to gain the benefits of automated image analysis in your organisation, to avoid disruption and improve production quality. The intuitive interface and streamlined toolset mean your team can implement sophisticated analysis models, without the need for any coding experience. The process of training and deploying deep learning vision models is simplified and integrated into Maximo, to enable you to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

MVI uses machine learning, and can be trained to spot developing flaws in assets, so that you can schedule maintenance more effectively, before the flaws become failures. It can also reliably identify production defects on production and packaging lines, reducing remake time and increasing productivity.

Build accurate models easily

The process of building highly accurate, customized AI models is straightforward and fast for your team to learn. This means you can start to leverage the benefits of computer vision and AI-based image analysis very quickly.

Maximo<sup>®</sup> Visual Inspection - train your model
Maximo<sup>®</sup> MAS-8

You can use a wide variety of edge cameras and devices to provide the data input – the data is processed by the edge device, feeding into a local server, which maintains a live link with Maximo®. This ensures your Maximo® data and dashboards are always current. Your team will receive immediate notifications of any emerging issue, according to the notification parameters you have set, so you can take action sooner and avoid costly breakdowns or remakes.

MVI can be added to any asset or process, and can be scaled up to any size that you need. It is designed to continuously improve its own accuracy, through ongoing machine learning and data analysis.

As part of IBM Maximo® Application Suite, MVI integrates with your asset management system, enabling you to make better decisions on resource allocation, maintenance, purchasing and many other business operations.

Maximo® Visual Inspection can also be used on mobile devices, enabling analysis of assets in the field, and you can easily switch between different modes – models, edge devices, or portable devices.

Maximo® Visual Inspection can help your organisation to take a significant step towards the goal of predictive maintenance, by automating image capture and analysis in most asset environments. This will improve your responsiveness to reliability, quality and safety issues, resulting in improved productivity, reduced downtime, increased safety, and better SLA compliance.

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