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Fingertip enables your field force to link directly to IBM Maximo, adding real-time data, process compliance, improved asset performance and much more.

We all know how much difference mobile apps have made to our personal lives over the past few years.

And in the business world, apps have begun to make a major difference to worker productivity – according to research by, mobile apps can boost UK
worker productivity by more than 34%, while 9 in 10 users say work apps changed their behaviour as a business professional.

But until recently, some business areas, such as asset management, have been deemed too complex for a mobile app to deal with.

However, that very complexity opens up a number of areas where a mobile app can really make a difference.

Business areas such as accuracy of reporting, immediacy of action, and secure audit trail, all really benefit from the ability to enter data on the spot, which keeps your data as ‘live’ as it can be. Fingertip from Peacock Engineering is a leading mobile solution for asset management and is fully integrated with IBM’s Maximo®.

Fingertip brings significant benefits in:

  • Asset performance
  • Process compliance
  • Staff productivity

Asset performance: Fingertip provides you with efficiency gains for deployment and maintenance of your assets, including:

Improving the quality of data captured

  • specify data required to support asset performance analysis
  • combines data collection into the work process which is very difficult with desktop/paper-based working
  • brings checklists, failure codes & inventory usage directly to the point of work
  • users collect the right data immediately – no more reliance on notes or memory
Higher quality work instructions

  • Mobile forms can improve job plans to specify completion data and provide further dynamic instructions based on user input, giving a refined set of work instructions
  • Fingertip provides the right information, documentation and other data at the point of use, including asset history, linked document

Reduced time to repair

  • Fingertip provides good work instruction, the collection of key data from reactive jobs for reliability engineers/analysis and the availability of data to users (inventory and work order history) plus real-time feedback from the point of work (where parts or access prevent progress) to help achieve reduced MTTR
Improved intervention times

  • Data collected from technicians in the field (where they are & what they are currently doing) support key decision making capabilities, improving your ability to react
  • Reactive work can be issued without a return to base, providing further improvement.

Reduced asset Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Fingertip’s capability for structured data collection brings asset information consistency and facilitates better analysis, incorporating data from work statuses, failure reporting, classifications and specifications, photographs, barcodes and GIS information, captured in real time

Using Fingertip will enable your assets to become more effective as a result of:

Real time data at point of work

  • gives the ability to react and intervene more quickly or change the intervention plan or work schedule
  • extremely easy for both mobile and desktop users (through the ability to make requisitions for parts or authorisations for follow on work)
  • eliminates processes that cost time, making the process more efficient

Increased Asset Uptime

  • enterprises can collect the key information to anticipate asset failure and understand when to intervene
  • integrations to SCADA and other condition monitoring integrations, asset uptime recording, use of workflow and escalation, all help attain high standards and give foundation data and processes needed to support predictive maintenance

What our clients say:

“Fingertip from Peacock Engineering offered the best solution for us on several levels: simplicity of design, ease of use and a single point of support for all systems.

We specified the system in considerable detail and the Peacock Engineering team developed the Fingertip ATEX app for us to pilot.”

John Jones, Maintenance Planner,
Dragon LNG

Improved Asset Reliability

  • Fingertip helps achieve good maintenance standards through data quality and ease of data collection at the point of work
  • gives skilled technicians the data to spot patterns through work history and other information

Faster (real-time) work progression

  • accelerates approval or authorisation processes, to enable work to progress more quickly
  • users can raise work orders as required, and Maximo’s workflow and escalation can be used as required by business rules – either to give fast progression, or reassignment, as required
Collection of Asset Lifecycle Data

  • helps achieve reduced asset TCO
  • efficiency gained through Fingertip as key data can be integrated seamlessly into the work process, rather than becoming an additional task

Process Compliance: Fingertip builds-in process compliance, with authorisation methods including manual signing, to ensure that critical processes are adhered to throughout, and that appropriate staff take responsibility.

This makes it ideal for process and system-critical environments such as life sciences, manufacturing or any business needing to achieve regulatory or internal compliance. Process compliance benefits include:

Improved Process Safety Compliance

  • Dynamically trigger risk assessments (with an interlock to work process) for different work types
  • mandate key data collection in the work process (with assurance that data will not be changed during transcription or recollection, reducing the chance of error)
  • workflows and authorisations supporting key safety processes are more achievable without paper
  • location services provide detailed technician location and can be combined with lone worker protections to improve safety processes

Structured Data Collection

  • information consistency, resulting in better analysis, for asset management or process safety improvements
  • Fingertip can drive the collection of structured data, through automation & user interaction with the app
Automated and Forced Data Collection

  • timestamps and GPS co-ordinates can be logged at numerous points in the work process
  • dynamic forms prompt users for more information based on prior responses
  • serial numbers and other details can be captured as part of work completion
  • Fingertip allows for collection of specific data you need for your business and compliance regime

Collection of New Data types

  • Fingertip supports the collection and use of:
    Photographs, barcodes/NDEF tags, GPS coordinates, Bluetooth connectivity, IOT devices (e.g. Texas Instruments’ Sensor Tag), RFID functionality can easily be implemented)
Improved User Adoption

  • Fingertip simplifies complex business processes for all users, from management through to technicians. This boosts user adoption, making process compliance easier and quicker to achieve

Staff Productivity: Fingertip’s automated and authorised data collection provides substantial benefits in the office, as well as on-site, especially in terms of staff efficiency and audit trail.

Reduced administration

  • reduction of time and effort in transcribing data from paper to desktop EAM systems
  • reduction in the number of Work Orders being produced (one client reduced their annual Work Order production by over 100,000 work orders!) leading to a significant reduction in overhead
Paperless Working

  • a broad range of business benefits – e.g. mobile calibration in a large plant avoids technicians having to walk back to their workstations to calculate tolerances, saving time and money
  • approvals or inventory checks can be made in the field, eliminating a ‘trip to base’
  • Critical data is easy to search and find in a digital format compared to paper-based systems.

Improved auditability

  • paper compliance records and reports no longer need to be kept
  • paper records can be produced only as required to support SLAs etc
  • no physical record management needed
  • digital records make complying with audit requests simpler, quicker and more cost effective
More flexible work processes

  • Fingertip allows for easy implementation of business process (whether for safety or asset management objectives) that require mobility
  • transfer work orders between shifts with automation
  • gives users the ability to create work orders and self-assign, or assign to colleagues, from the field
Responsiveness, Quality & Accuracy

  • capture incidents or follow on work at the point of work (whether this is on-site, or in a field or lone worker scenario)
  • real-time communication means you always know the status of your operatives and can easily respond to changing requirements

What our clients say:

“Peacock Engineering support our whole system, including mobile devices (hardware and Fingertip software).

We have found them to be reliable, responsive and capable as demonstrated by us having no system outages or interruption to work during their tenure.”

CIO, Major FM Provider

Fingertip has been designed for ease of use, with an intuitive interface, to make sure all of your staff can adopt its use quickly. It enables the improved management and control of all elements that are related to the provision of field-based services. It provides organisations with the ability to:

  • Have an increased visibility and understanding of all assets and detect any issues or potential actions that may be required
  • Better manage work orders, associated costs and increase visibility of ongoing work and work backlog
  • More efficiently assign required work to their workforce
  • Control the usage and ordering of materials
  • Empower staff with all information and equipment required to effectively deliver the service
  • Enhance the interaction between an organisation and their customer with improved adherence to SLAs
  • Improved workforce satisfaction
  • Improved productivity through accurate analysis
  • Reduced travel time

We will implement Fingertip exactly the way you need it for your organisation, whatever industry you work in – contact our experts

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