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Storengy is one of the three largest gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage providers in the UK. They operate the Stublach Gas Storage Project, a salt cavern gas storage facility with a total capacity for 400 million cubic metres of gas.

Storengy was previously using the IBM Maximo® Asset Management system, version 7.5. However, this was scheduled to become unsupported by IBM. Storengy needed to upgrade Maximo® to its 7.6 version, so they could continue to:

  • Manage the condition of assets
  • Carry out ATEX inspections on over 6000 assets
  • Hold data in Maximo
  • Produce the necessary certificates for compliance

Peacock Engineering was asked to deliver the upgrade and make this happen.

Harnessing all of Maximo’s features

By upgrading IBM Maximo® to its latest version, Storengy continued receiving the benefits of using the system. This includes:

  • Using assets more effectively
  • Managing work orders in the best possible way
  • Getting real-time data on all assets
  • Monitoring inventory and stock levels
  • Extending the useful life of capital equipment
  • Enabling predictive maintenance

Peacock Engineering was also required to integrate the new Maximo® system with their Finance application. The solution had the configuration necessary to provide SIF Loop (Safety Instrument Functions) testing that was required.

ATEX inspections for Storengy

Using Fingertip to enhance ATEX inspections

Storengy’s new version of IBM Maximo® was also integrated with other applications, such as the Fingertip mobile working app. By using Fingertip’s mobile forms capability, the company’s ATEX inspections can be:

  • Created in Maximo
  • Configured to suit Storengy’s business requirements
  • Completed with regulation compliance an adherence

These benefits were only available to Storengy by working with Peacock Engineering, and using our Fingertip app.

Fulfilling Storengy’s project objectives

Peacock Engineering implemented a solution that fulfilled Storengy’s project objectives. The upgraded system allows them to use additional features, integrated with other applications. This includes several configured elements that enable financial approval workflows. The Maximo® system integrates seamlessly with Fingertip ATEX inspections.

The Fingertip solution provides further benefits to Storengy. It has allowed them to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Work more efficiently
  • Improve compliance with industry standards

Fingertip benefits Storengy’s engineers who work in hazardous environments, as they can now complete inspections in real-time and meet compliance requirements for inspecting assets in areas at risk of atmospheric explosions.

This project has helped Storengy to significantly gain increased benefit from Maximo, and to continue with mobile ATEX inspections on over 6000 assets.

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