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Businesses from all across the world rely on the travel, transport and logistics industries – which is why successfully managing assets is so important.

The travel and transport industry, whether airlines, railways or logistics companies, is involved with managing the transfer of goods and passengers. Businesses from all across the world rely on this crucial sector – which is why successfully managing assets in the industry is so important.

The right Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution should offer a complete solution for managing all types of transportation assets. This includes vehicles, warehouses, picking systems, traffic control systems, electric substations, and all other assets used across the industry.

Efficient Asset Management can help businesses managing these assets to:

  • Maximise asset uptime & availability
  • Efficiently manage asset warranties
  • Maintain stringent asset maintenance information
  • Reduce costs
  • Work from remote locations

EAM solutions can help organisations to improve their management of static facilities, and control of asset maintenance operations and services.

Maximise asset uptime & availability

Organisations in the transport and travel sector need to deploy planned, preventive, condition-based and predictive maintenance techniques. This prevents errors from occurring, and maximises asset uptime.

The right Enterprise Asset Management system incorporates features to:

  • Extend asset life
  • Optimise parts management
  • Reduce road calls
  • Increase planned maintenance

This helps to maximise asset uptime in a business, and increases the return on investment for each individual asset.

Travel and Transport Industry Peacock Engineering Enterprise Management Solutions

It is also essential to have a good reporting module or capability in the Asset Management system. This allows for a large number of reports, for example (but not limited to):

  • Maintenance history
  • Performance analysis

Accurate performance analysis helps travel and transport businesses to make informed decisions. This includes correct resource allocation and utilisation, with the objective of better decision making based upon quality information and defined objectives.

Accessing the maintenance history of each asset also allows companies to proactively check and maintain the asset before a problem arises. This helps to maximise asset uptime.

Efficiently manage your asset warranties

It is crucial that travel and transport businesses efficiently manage their asset warranties. The best Asset Management system helps businesses in the sector to:

  • Track all key information regarding warranties
  • View the depreciation schedule history of an asset
  • Increase control on item warranty validations
  • Better determine warranty durations

This allows businesses to track asset warranty information, wherever that asset may be. That way, coverage can be extended to labour materials and services.

Establishing an effective asset management strategy requires an organisation to ensure they have effective processes for the assets (whether it is buy, build, operate, maintain, renew or dispose).

Maintain stringent asset maintenance information

Businesses in the travel and transport industry need to carry out regular vehicle checks and maintenance. They also need to prove that these checks have been carried out, to comply with the stringent industry regulations.

An Asset Management solution should allow companies to demonstrate that their statutory maintenance has been carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

Combined with this, Maximo® and Fingertip has the ability to bring HSE processes into the work execution process. This enables you to undertake point of work risk assessment and capture photographs and signatures as required while you’re executing the work. This further reduces the administration overhead in meeting health and safety requirements.

Reduce costs

When asset uptime is maximised, the return on investment from that asset goes up.

Besides this, there are additional ways an EAM system, along with a great mobile solution, can help travel and transport businesses to reduce costs:

  • Time savings, automation & elimination of redundant processes
  • Optimised scheduling
  • Better utilisation of time & travel costs for large field-based teams
  • Eliminating duplication, & thereby reducing admin time

Moving from a paper-based system to a mobile data capture solution helps companies to increase efficiency and eliminate duplication. When duplication is removed, this reduces time and money spent on needless administration correcting these errors.

Fingertip mobile Enterprise Asset Management for transport and logistics sector
IBM Maximo<sup>®</sup> for transport and logistics sector

Benefits of Mobile Working

Travel and transport organisations face continuous issues of complying with safety regulations and working effectively to reduce costs.

They can ensure accurate asset lifecycle information, and reliable recording of data, by moving to a digital solution.
Mobile working allows maintenance teams to:

  • Receive real-time updates
  • Work more efficiently
  • Eliminate paper-based processes

Data is automatically transferred to the Enterprise Asset Management system to help reduce duplication of work.

A mobile EAM solution with an Inventory Management module can be used by store managers to manage and control stock levels. It allows users to issue and return items, view balance of items, and manage storerooms on the device.

Selecting the right system

There are many Asset Management solutions available to manufacturing businesses – including IBM Maximo®.

9 of the 15 busiest airports in the world use the IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management solution.

This system is widely acknowledged to be the gold standard in EAM software. IBM Maximo® is Gartner’s independently rated No.1 EAM solution for the past 10 years. The system can help businesses to:

  • Use assets more effectively
  • Get real-time data on all assets
  • Extend the useful life of capital equipment
  • Enable predictive maintenance
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Improve the return on assets & defer new purchases

Peacock Engineering’s Fingertip mobile working add-on to IBM Maximo® is also available to businesses. This extends the Maximo® installation into the field, and helps to:

  • Issue work orders in the field
  • Link data with IBM Maximo® in real time
  • Enforce processes everywhere with Mobile Forms
  • Capture hard signature or e-sig for all work
  • Make inventory and stock changes stock on site

Peacock Engineering are an IBM Platinum Partner, and can implement IBM Maximo, and their Fingertip mobile-working add-on.

Peacock Engineering are experts in the travel and transport sector, and will implement IBM Maximo® and Fingertip to any organisation’s exact requirements. Call our team now on 020 3356 9629 to discuss how we can help.

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